Happy Monday Friends!
As Monday's go this has been a good one so far, especially because I've been playing with nail polish:)
I honestly don't know where my obsession with nail polish came from but it is what it is.
So today I tried my hand at "newsprinting." I've been wanting to try this for a while and today I finally did it!
Honestly it was semi-successful.
Anyway, here are some steps along with some helpful hints about what to do and NOT to do:)

Things you'll need:
  • a light neutral or nude nail polish
  • polish topcoat 
  • newspaper(duh)
  • bowl
  • rubbing alcohol (I've heard vodka works too) 

For my polish I chose Skull and Glossbones from OPI's Pirates of the Caribbean Collection, as well as an OPI top coat.

First things first: Polish your nails and let them dry. This may seem to go without saying but hey, ya never know.
Here is where I went wrong. I've had this polish on for like 4 days already and I really think the polish needs to be fresh! I did end up putting a fresh coat on my pointer and middle finger.

Next you will soak each finger in the alcohol for several seconds.

Immediately after soaking the finger, place a strip of newspaper of the nail while it is still wet and apply some pressure.
Yet again, this is another step that I could have done better. The newspaper I used was like 2 1/2 months old. I recommend a recently printed newspaper.
Lessons Learned: just like in cooking, fresh ingredients are key.

Finally just peal the strip of newspaper off and seal it with a top coat and you've got cute, print covered nails!

Overall I was pretty pleased with the way it turned out. Old ingredients and everything;)
I will definitely be trying this technique again!


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