Breaking Up with My Tonsils (a Semi live-blog of my Recovery and Ramblings: Part 3)

Day 4. This day will be known as the roller coaster day or the emotional breakdown day. I started about the same as on day 3, not great but not the worst. As the day went on I felt less tired than yesterday and even made myself scrambled eggs; the thought actually occurred to me to put on make up. Ha! That didn't happen. Now come along for the ride because in the afternoon I got so nauseated (don't worry this blog is not for graphic details of things going on in my body...go troll somewhere else for that info.) which led to the (inevitable) emotional breakdown. I knew it would happen, but I still hoped it wouldn't.  Seriously though I thought I was going to yak, and that didn't sound like a good idea since there are currently unhealed holes in my throat. I went from feeling the best to feeling the worst. Personally I'll take the sore throat to an upset stomach. Unfortunately I got upset stomach and a sore throat. Really, the best of both worlds. Maybe I didn't rest enough...but I cannot feel this way again so tomorrow I'm taking it extra easy. And right now i'm falling asleep typing this post, which means its already too long.


Days 5-7.
So blogger is super annoying and didn't save my draft of these past few days, which I only wrote today so not a huge loss but still. #thestruggle. I know everyone is missing my fascinating updates so much so to make a long story short...these past few days suckeddddddddddddd. Hence my absence. Everyone says this recovery gets worse before it gets better. No lie there. There were tears. Lots of tears.(Sorry Ryan, I know you witnessed a lot of that.) Partly because I could barely talk and everything I said was unintelligible anyway, and because my throat was on fire and felt as though it was being stabbed over and over again by acid soaked knives. Quite pleasant.
However today (day 7) has been better. I stopped taking the pain meds yesterday because they made me feel weird and awful. I'm so glad I did. Today I actually felt like myself again. Except the parts of me that are now gone...just feeling their absence. Yet, I am getting bored of this, I just want to be better. Hopefully this is the downhill slide. Fingers crossed.
So yeah, glad those days are over and seriously hoping I'm better by Friday because there is this food truck thing I want to go to. Priorities people. Priorities.



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