Dios es Bueno! Todo el Tiempo!

Buenas Noches Amigos!

It is the end of my first week in Honduras and it has been wonderful!
We stayed in the small village of Santa Elena and it is gorgeous there. There were two youth groups from Ohio staying at the camp and we (me and the other two girls here) got the privilege of working with them. We had several different opportunities to serve the people of Santa Elena this week. We built two houses and worked on the obstacle course at Campamento Extremo Internacional (CEI). CEI is a camp run by Heart to Honduras and it is a outreach program for Honduran youth! I spent most of my time during the week working on one of the houses. Although there wasn't always something for me to do, I got to play and talk with one of the children that would be living in the house. His name is Eduardo and he was the most precious thing! We spent a lot of time playing silly games and making each other laugh. So each morning we did a work project (house or camp) and then in the afternoon we put on VBS. We did two days of VBS in Santa Elena and it was wonderful to work with the kids and teach them about Jesus and how much he loves them. It was such a joy to see there faces light up at the simple things like bubbles and silly songs. The other two days of VBS were spent in an orphanage in Pena Blanca. I had never been to an orphanage before and it was truly heartbreaking. The children there were so wonderful and just dying for love. Since I wasn't responsible for a specific part of VBS I got to spend a lot of time in the baby room. Holding those little babies was one of the highlights of my week. It was so clear that they just needed to be held and touched and I just didn't have enough arms to hold them all. God really blessed me at the orphanage even though it was hard to witness. Just another indicator that God is definitely at work here in Honduras.
On the group's last day, Friday, we go to dedicate the houses we built for the families. That was a really neat experience. The families were so grateful and there joy was evident. I feel that I was blessed more than they were and all I did was hammer in a few nails.
This week was a perfect first week and God did some wonderful things and I am so excited for what next week will bring!



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