Winter...I'm Over You

I like winter, I really do. I can, I feel, for the first time appreciate it. Texas doesn't have winter. It has weird coolish weather. The Midwest, well, it has winter. And I'm officially over it.
But let me back track... winter has some major pluses-
1. Fashion. HELLOOOOO comfy, cozy sweaters, scarves, boots, mittens, etc
2. Flannel sheets
3. SNOW. its fluffy. its white. its fun
4. extra excuses to go to Starbucks and consume copious amounts of hot coffee. Thanks Gold Card.
5. my best friend- the electric blanket
6. Snuggling with Tonks
7. Days when it's sunny and cold. Best combo ever.

those are good things. And here is why I'm over it.
1. It's cold. duh it's winter. nothing like waking up and walking outside to 5 degrees Fahrenheit.
2. Grey. the sky is almost always grey. the trees are grey. they ground is an ugly, brown-grey.
3. snow. it's no fun to drive in and it turns gross and black
4. the fact that my car doesn't get warm until I get to work.
5. Ice. the fact that I have to own an ice scraper is annoying. plus when it's on the ground its slippery!
6. my feet are almost never warm
7. the huge temperature discrepancy between indoors and outside. you put on 5000 layers of warm clothes  and then have to peel them all off because some fool cranked the heat up in the office to 80. not cool. literally.
8. Lack of vitamin D. No sun= no vitamin D. and it means being pale. merhhh. Thank God for adult gummy vitamins.
9. and in reference to number 8, the general lack of daylight. dark when you get up and dark when you leave work.
10. the general feeling of laziness and lack of desire for doing anything. especially if it involves going outside.

Fortunately, winter is not forever. And that dumb groundhog didn't see his shadow. So spring's coming sooner? Cool.


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